The New Story Run Film – Out NOW!

Q: What is it?

A: A 12 minute snapshot into the New Story Run and Ride so far – focusing especially on the motivation behind it.

Q: Who made it, and how?

A: Guy Loftus is a filmmaker from the UK, founder of Studio Future, a company whose purpose it to tell the new stories we need for humanity through film (yep, it was a pretty natural partnership!).

Guy came out to Bulgaria by bus and train (supported by Interrail), to ensure that as few emissions were involved in the making of the film as possible, i.e. no planes! Since this overland adventure he’s been fully convinced on the benefits of train travel, and is working on ways to keep his future work as flight-free as possible – creating a ‘new story’ for film-making norms in the process.

Guy and local fixer Penu spent a few adventurous days following me (and at points Mile Krstev too, one of the environmental activists I met on my journey!), and then Mike, around the dusty, sunny tracks of Bulgaria, back in September 2020. Guy then spun it all, along with archive footage, into this breathtaking 12 minutes, with help from Ryan Warner for editing, logistics support from Emily Sykes, and colour from Yulia Bulashenko.